Purchase security

Purchase security

Dear users of the Chip-Top web shop, allow us to provide you with some information and advice on the security of your data and payments on the Internet. In the Chip-Top web shop, we use the most modern security technologies that enable secure online payments, and take care of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal data.

When using the pages and when registering, we collect your data with consent for certain purposes – when giving consent in accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, you freely and expressly give your consent to the collection and further processing of your personal data provided to Interijera Tičinović d.o.o., for the purposes expressly stated for individual consent. This part of privacy protection is regulated by the Statement on Privacy and Confidentiality of Personal Data. The privacy statement is also an integral part of the Terms of Business of the company Interijeri Tičinović d.o.o. and it refers to the privacy of personal data collected and used on www.chip-top.com and associated subdomains (e.g. newsletter.chip-top.com) and under what conditions and to whom we disclose them. First of all, we keep your data and you can always access, change or completely remove it.

For its successful online business, Chip-Top uses the highest quality secure SSL web protocol and encryption, and provides you with verified and secure communication, for which we use certificates from an independent and internationally recognized certificate issuer (CA – Certified Authority) who is trusted and which guarantees that the company exists and that the web server works in accordance with the SSL protocol. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a global security technology standard for creating a 256-bit encrypted (coded, encrypted) connection between the web server and the browser on your computer, so the information about credit card numbers that are exchanged cannot be read, deciphered and copied. When you access the part of pages where financial transactions are carried out, the system automatically switches to the so-called “secure, encrypted pages” that you can recognize by adding the letter “s” to the URL address, and it looks like this: https://

In addition, you should also check the existence of the certificate’s authenticity icon. This is usually an icon or small padlock sign, located at the bottom right of the page. In addition to the above, you as a user must trust the web shop you access.
Our pages, in cooperation with PBZ Card, enable and support the 3D Secure program for online merchants in order to provide their online sales outlets with maximum security in online business and of course in accordance with the trends and mandates of global payment systems MasterCard and Visa. The 3D Secure program is a global standard for customer authentication when shopping online, and it was developed to enable every card user to authenticate himself to his card issuer when shopping online, thereby confirming that he is participating in the online purchase and payment process, while at the same time the internet provides merchants with a greater guarantee of payment, which they need in order to expand their business and provide quality service to their customers. In addition to increasing the security of internet transactions, the 3D Secure program enables additional authorization by the bank issuing the card. By joining the 3D Secure program and emphasizing that we support the programs of global payment systems for secure online shopping on our online store, we increase the level of trust and security of customers who visit our online store.

PBZ Card has been certified and supports 3D Secure programs of global payment systems:
MasterCard’s ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ and Visa’s ‘Verified by Visa’, in the segment of accepting credit cards on the Internet.

In this way, PBZ Card enabled its authorized sales points on the Internet to securely accept credit card payments by their customers.

Our web team, which consists of top experts, continuously monitors new technologies and implements them to improve user protection. We try to provide the best and most accurate description and image of the product. However, we cannot guarantee that all information and device images provided are completely accurate. That’s why we apologize in advance to all visitors and customers that we cannot be held responsible for possibly wrong information published about products. Technical data as well as warranty duration and product images are taken from our partners and they do not have to correspond to the actual product. Also, please note that changes to products and changes to their availability can be made at any time and without notice. We reserve the right to make inadvertent errors when entering data, product descriptions and images.
Please let us know any illogicalities you see in the descriptions of our products.

We wish you a pleasant and safe shopping in our web shop.